Digital Interactive English Lessons

New Affordable & Convenient Way to learn or improve your English skills. Kids, teens and adults.

Digital Interactive English Lessons are truly the solutions that many English learners have been waiting for. Learners don't want to lose their money if they can't complete their lessons and they don't want to lose the unused lessons. They need lessons that are tailored to their specific needs and a flexible schedule, any learning device, homeschooling, self-study, live tutor taught, fun and interactive, and oh yes, affordable too! This is what DIEL is all about and more good things.

Digital Interactive English Lessons created the way learners and parents want. If for some reason you can't complete the lessons, then yes, you can transfer any unused portion to anyone you want without any extra fees. You can learn all lessons from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Pc etc. We have an optional Live Tutor for you (extra fees apply). Our lessons can be used as a self-study or homeschooling. Freelance tutors are welcomed to purchase our lessons. All our lessons have Digital Interactive flashcards, videos, audio, text, charts, pictures, and games. Our lessons are affordable and convenient too.